Do you know why 62% of all Baby Boomers will
outlive their accumulated savings?  

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Educational Seminars

Circle of Life Partners provides keynote presentations and customized programs for employers, universities, professional organizations and communities. Recent programs were delivered at Harvard Business School, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Concord Academy, The Women's Bar Association, and the National Association of Healthcare Consultants. Three of our most popular programs are described below. Contact for more information.

Aging Parents: Navigating the Journey™ Engaging and informative, this program guides the audience through the aging journey from independence to the end, showing how to tackle the legal, financial, medical and caregiving challenges so that adult children enjoy the benefits of multi-generational families. 
The program may be delivered as a seminar, keynote address or a customized panel discussion. CEUs are provided to professionals. All participants receive a complimentary copy of Don't Give Up on Me! Supporting Aging Parents Successfully.
Organized for Life™  Are your parents ready for their last years? Do they have essential documents organized and filed for easy retrieval? Do they make decisions proactively, with complete knowledge of the financial implications of housing, caregiving and other choices?  This seminar helps families gain control of the aging journey by organizing essential legal, financial and personal information using the Circle of Life Partners Family Organizer ™ while engaging in a lively conversation about common mistakes to avoid.

Super Foods, Super AgingWhat foods, spices and herbs delay the onset of chronic illness? strengthen our bodies? and enhance cognition? Through interactive conversation over baskets of food, spices and recipes, the audience learns how to enhance their physical stamina and protect brain health. A memorable and useful seminar for all wanting to optimize personal health and well-being.