Do you know that among developed nations, American women are the least likely to live 
to age 50? 

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The aging journey can be challenging...let us be your guide™

Educational Materials

Are you in the sandwich years, a season of life when you are sandwiched between the needs of your parents and other demands on your time? Are you planning for your own longevity?

We're here to help. 


Our Educational Materials will help you plan for your own longevity or navigate the maze of available resources regardless of where you or your parents live.


Learn how to navigate the health care system to get the care your loved one needs.

Understand the legal, financial and insurance missteps that waste time and money.

Find the best community resources that provide support for elders and their families.

Discover how to utilize professionals and on-line services...and when to avoid them.

Contact us - you don't need to go it alone. 

What do we provide?

» A complete assessment that closes knowledge gaps and helps     set priorities

» Case studies and guidance to create an effective plan of action

» Access to resources to carry out your plan cost-effectively

Organized for Life


To improve decision-making, we help families inventory and organize essential documents and streamline financial record-keeping. In the process, we convey knowledge about free community resources, health care and long-term care insurance, legal and end-of-life planning, caregiving and housing options. Being organized, for life, saves time and money.

Videos, Podcasts and Webinars

Enjoy our library of videos, podcasts and webinars. 
Managing Family Conflict