Do you know that 45% of all mid-career individuals will have their work lives disrupted or derailed by the needs of aging relatives? 

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To save you time, we curate books and materials, household products and gifts that our community has found helpful in supporting their older loved ones. We welcome your recommendations for items that your family has found useful. Send suggestions to us at

Circle of Life Partners Family Organizer™ USB Starter Kit

Get Organized, for Life! Start now and use our electronic templates to quickly inventory key documents, passwords and possessions; create a medical fact sheet; and guarantee the health and safety of a teenage relative. Save key documents on this flash drive that can be transported anywhere, stored easily, and updated as needed. This USB comes with instructions and three essential templates: Initial Inventory Questionaire, Emergency Contact Medical Information, and a HIPAA Authorization form. $9.95

Circle of Life Partners Family Organizer™

Where are your legal documents and insurance policies? What are your computer passwords? Where is the deed to the cemetery plot? We've made it easy to organize key documents with the Circle of Life Partners Family Organizer™ a pre-tabbed file and notebook system. Pull out the folder, find the policy, deed, financial statement or legal document indicated on the tab, and store it permanently. A separate notebook is included with step-by-step instructions to record advisors, account numbers, passwords and other data for easy retrieval. Get organized, for life. $189.95

Don't Give Up on Me!

Supporting Aging Parents Successfully  

By Jan Simpson

Highly informative and irresistibly engaging, the author pulls us into her parent's world to help us understand the decisions we may face as we support our parents through their last years.  By turns hilarious, outrageous, and utterly moving, Jan guides us through the transition from  independence to death as she juggles children, work, and her parents' needs in a riveting journey, stopping on occasion to offer advice that is practical and possible in our busy lives. 




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Don't Give Up on Me! $9.95

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HIPAA Authorization and FIVE WISHES®

Have you given permission to your physician to speak with your family? Have you appointed a health care agent? Protect your health and the health of those you love. Order our HIPAA authorization form and Five Wishes® brochure with easy-to-follow instructions for yourself or relatives who need to communicate:

• The person I want to make care decisions for me when I can't
• The kind of medical treatment I want or don't want
• How comfortable I want to be be
• How I want people to treat me
• What I want my loved ones to know

Circle of Life Partners Family Organizer™ USB Starter Kit,
Don't Give Up on Me™, and
HIPAA Authorization and FIVE WISHES® all Bundled Up!

We've bundled them together for you! $24.89